INTERVIEW With Balaji Prasad Natarajan

Balaji Prasad Natarajan
Group Chief Financial Officer
Binladen International Holding Group


In a negative downturn of events, what factors are key for ensuring business continuity?

In such situations of down turn, preserving liquidity, maintaining the stakeholder relationships and continuously recalibrating the business to the future is key. On a tactical level, harnessing AI and Robotics can have direct positive impact to business.


What is key for driving a successful financial restructuring?

Developing a pragmatic and balanced plan while taking into consideration all stakeholder perspectives are imperative. Equally important is sourcing new money and working diligently in a transparent manner for executing the plan. You can have a great plan but without stakeholders buy-in and new money for execution – it’s a recipe for failure. Unfortunately its easier said than done. This is one of the main reasons why many restructurings fail.


Do you think conferences such as these play a significant role in promoting conversation and collaboration between stakeholders pushing the industry forward?

Definitely such conferences are great opportunities to connect with the subject matter experts, decision makers and hugely benefit in knowledge / expertise sharing for the collective benefit of all.

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